I love to look, to see, to watch, to observe

I love to capture, to draw, to memorise, to recall

I love places and objects and people that make me smile,

I love to smile.

I love photos that remind me of a moment, a place, a person, a taste, a feeling

And I love earl grey tea,

And sunrises,

And to dance.

I also love to take photographs!


Life moves as such a pace these days that sometimes it is good to just stand and stare and really see.

Really see what is right in front of us but that we don't always notice until it is too late...until that little person has grown so tall, until that view has changed, until that moment has passed and gone forever.

I love to capture that moment that shouldn't be forgotten and to create a long lasting reminder of a beautiful memory. The memory of a place, a person, a moment, a feeling.

I love to capture my surroundings whether that be in the mountains or on a busy city street. My Moscow photography, limited edition prints available framed or unframed, seeks to invoke the sensations and feelings of the great city. My personal projects and journal focus on my day to day life with four children and capturing the magic and the wonder of the ordinary.  I also do a limited number of private portrait sessions and event photography.

My photos have been published in the Guardian newspaper, the Guardian on-line, de L'encre et la lumiere magazine and have been exhibited in Moscow and France. I have also won national and international competitions, and currently have a photo in The Best of Russia 2017 exhibition at Winzavod, Moscow.

If you are interested in a portrait session, event photography or a limited edition print

please contact me at zoewittering@me.com or +33 (0)6 50 96 03 08


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