The temperature has dropped, wood smoke lingers in the air in the late afternoon as the light begins to fade, acorns crunch under feet and the sun is lower in the sky. Hands get tucked into pockets and faces bury into our scarves as all around the leaves change colour and start to carpet the paths with mosaics of rich reds and burnt orange.

It’s not often these days that I manage to get the kids all out together for a walk and that they all agree to be photographed. There must be magic in that autumn air!




Spring is here and with it a need to clear the mind, to prepare for new projects and sweep the winter grey away.

So I am having a massive SPRING SALE! All existing stock of prints, framed and unframed are on sale!

All details are on the site and the prints available can be see here.

Prints can be reserved by email or you can come and have a coffee and browse either Tuesday 4 April, Wednesday 5 April or Thursday 6 April from 10 until 12 or at another convenient time for you by appointment. Email me for the address and to arrange an appointment.

Couple in a snowstorm available framed (frame 50 x 70cm) or unframed (photo 40 x 50cm)

Couple in a snowstorm available framed (frame 50 x 70cm) or unframed (photo 40 x 50cm)

Out of season

A bit of wandering, a coffee overlooking the sea, the salty sea breeze whipping up my hair and the crash of the waves drowning out my mind. The perfect way to clear the head.

There is something peaceful about a resort out of season....almost like it is sleeping until it needs to wake up again. Devoid of the hordes of people that it knows will be there in a few months when the weather is hot it breaths the air in deeply fortifying itself for the season to come.

Looking back or looking forward

The new year is a funny period....leading up to it everyone seems to be looking back at the year they have just lived, reminiscing about the good times, trying to forget maybe or learn from the bad times, putting the whole year into some kind of basket , containing it, ready to move into the new one - and then bang, January 1st and we are supposed to be looking forward...resolutions, intentions, plans, goals, where we want to be, where we want to go......

Just don't let go too easily of those memories....document them, capture them, savour them, cherish them....the moments disappear too quickly as it is!

looking back or looking forward

looking back or looking forward

New Year.......

New Year? Resolutions, intentions, new year, new me...etc etc.... or just another excuse to cajole the kids into letting me take their portraits? 

This one. Who is still so much my baby and yet at the same time is not at all. Turned 5, lost his first tooth, learnt to swim... and dive, can walk for miles and jumps all the time when talking. Just wants to learn and be 'BIG'! Loves chocolate, hot chocolate, cold chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate...any kind of chocolate. Less keen on vegetables. He draws and paints and is happiest with a big roll of sellotape and an empty cardboard box. Adores to write (but it has to be perfect) and PLAY!, cooking (mainly sweet things) and cuddles. Knows all the words to Mog and Slinky Malinky and doesn't really like mornings, at least not early ones. Loves holidays, slightly less keen on school days. Has his serious moments, like this one... but 2016 has been full of smiles and laughs too....keep on smiling little boy!

forever looking forward...

forever looking forward...