What is your favourite colour?

The question all children are asked repeatedly and then we grow up and no one really thinks about it anymore (unless you have an instagram feed and then you wake at three in the morning worrying that the photo you just posted wasn’t exactly the same shade of teal or coral as the other images in your feed!)

But really, when did you last think about all the colours out there and which one or ones you like and why?

I’ve always loved black and white photography. I love the stripped back feel, the way it conveys raw emotion tinged with a little bit of other worldliness - after all, we live in a world of technicolour - a black and white image is therefore a little bit magic, not quite real.


But increasingly I found myself drawn to colour. A red neon sign glowing in the dark one night in Italy, a pale orange pink sky early one morning and a bright yellow shirt worn by a stranger in the street. These images stayed with me, as though they had printed themselves in my head and wouldn’t leave.

And so “Colour and Me” was born. A year long personal project exploring colour. Each month a different colour. To observe, to create, to play, to experiment and to see how the colours make me feel. A place to push the boundaries of my creativity, to learn more about colour and to have fun. No real rules - I’m just going to follow the path the colours create for me!


Do you remember that moment just before you are properly awake? You’re aware of the sounds but your eyes are still closed.

That moment between the dreams and the reality. The duvet warm and soft. The patient silence in the house. A silence broken now and then by a pipe groaning or a floor board stretching.

It’s still dark but the street lamp casts a faint orange glow onto the curtains.. I hear a car driving past and braking at the corner … and then a bird calling to the morning light or maybe to another bird.

I get up.

They are here but not yet present.

I love this moment. Everything is calm and quiet. Everything is to come. A new day starts but for just a couple of minutes it’s as though I’ve pressed pause…

They are growing up and the time I spend with them seems to be more and more precious- the morning it is just us. Half asleep, we follow the routine, breakfast, get dressed, pack bags, search for homework... every morning in some ways like every other. And yet every morning is different.

Yes, I push the ISO and yes juggling the white balance of the inside lights is a nightmare. But the moments we live don’t wait for beautiful light. So, neither will I.

#Before8h48 is to document our mornings. Photos taken before 8h48 every morning for a year. The routine, the dreams, our mornings, our lives. Moments don’t happen again. Neither do mornings.



The temperature has dropped, wood smoke lingers in the air in the late afternoon as the light begins to fade, acorns crunch under feet and the sun is lower in the sky. Hands get tucked into pockets and faces bury into our scarves as all around the leaves change colour and start to carpet the paths with mosaics of rich reds and burnt orange.

It’s not often these days that I manage to get the kids all out together for a walk and that they all agree to be photographed. There must be magic in that autumn air!




Spring is here and with it a need to clear the mind, to prepare for new projects and sweep the winter grey away.

So I am having a massive SPRING SALE! All existing stock of prints, framed and unframed are on sale!

All details are on the site and the prints available can be see here.

Prints can be reserved by email or you can come and have a coffee and browse either Tuesday 4 April, Wednesday 5 April or Thursday 6 April from 10 until 12 or at another convenient time for you by appointment. Email me for the address and to arrange an appointment.

Couple in a snowstorm available framed (frame 50 x 70cm) or unframed (photo 40 x 50cm)

Couple in a snowstorm available framed (frame 50 x 70cm) or unframed (photo 40 x 50cm)

Out of season

A bit of wandering, a coffee overlooking the sea, the salty sea breeze whipping up my hair and the crash of the waves drowning out my mind. The perfect way to clear the head.

There is something peaceful about a resort out of season....almost like it is sleeping until it needs to wake up again. Devoid of the hordes of people that it knows will be there in a few months when the weather is hot it breaths the air in deeply fortifying itself for the season to come.