What is your favourite colour?

The question all children are asked repeatedly and then we grow up and no one really thinks about it anymore (unless you have an instagram feed and then you wake at three in the morning worrying that the photo you just posted wasn’t exactly the same shade of teal or coral as the other images in your feed!)

But really, when did you last think about all the colours out there and which one or ones you like and why?

I’ve always loved black and white photography. I love the stripped back feel, the way it conveys raw emotion tinged with a little bit of other worldliness - after all, we live in a world of technicolour - a black and white image is therefore a little bit magic, not quite real.


But increasingly I found myself drawn to colour. A red neon sign glowing in the dark one night in Italy, a pale orange pink sky early one morning and a bright yellow shirt worn by a stranger in the street. These images stayed with me, as though they had printed themselves in my head and wouldn’t leave.

And so “Colour and Me” was born. A year long personal project exploring colour. Each month a different colour. To observe, to create, to play, to experiment and to see how the colours make me feel. A place to push the boundaries of my creativity, to learn more about colour and to have fun. No real rules - I’m just going to follow the path the colours create for me!