Personal Projects - inspired by others

I love, no but really - I really really LOVE personal projects!! And not just my own! I love following projects and reading about other people’s personal projects. It’s great for motivation - it keeps us motivated to continue with our own projects. It inspires us, gives us ideas and it makes us question our own projects in more depth too which is always interesting.

Image from my #before8h48 project

Image from my #before8h48 project

And I find that it gives us a much better idea of the person behind the camera. Often Instagram feeds are full of images aimed at getting clients, which is great. But, when images shared are from a personal project, you see more into the real life of the photographer. You see what is important to them, what they dream about. You see into their daily life through their honest, unfiltered eyes.

Image from my #before8h48 project

Image from my #before8h48 project

So I thought I would share with you some people who inspire me daily with their own personal projects.

Sarah Mason

I’ve followed Sarah for a while now and I think her Tea for Two project this year is just beautiful. You will find the Tea for Two series in the highlights of her stories. I love how Sarah invites you to join her, I have a real feeling of having been there with the combination of her writing and images.

Caroline Liabot

Caroline started a 365 project on 1 January capturing a photo a day which she will print and stick into a leather bound journal that her brother gave her for Christmas. She is also writing short texts to go with the photos so will finish the year with a beautiful book full of moments and memories for her and her family. Each Sunday she shares the photos taken that week in her Stories. I love how Caroline combines a documentary approach with a very personal artistic feel.

Xanthe B

If you don’t follow Xanthe you really should. She has been filming her weekends for the last four years and periodically also does photos and other film personal projects. She is hugely inspiring and always brings a pop of colour to my day!

Chloe Lodge

Chloe recently moved not only country, but continent and has embarked on a completely new way of life which she is documenting in her 365 project. I love her use of light but also seeing life with two young children on a New Zealand farm through her eyes encourages me to see the landscapes and the beauty all around me.

Cindy Cavanagh

Cindy is doing a 365 project leading up to an important birthday towards the end of the year. I love how she is using the project to explore herself. In a busy life with 5 children it is beautiful to see the art that Cindy is producing. Her work pushes me to try new things and explore my artistic reserves.


Marisa is another 365 project-er who has a real ability to document the every day with a very unique perspective enabling us to see very much through her own eyes. I love how her work makes me think about how I see my every day life.